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Sterling silver women's rings - Collection 2019

The classic rings are the 925 sterling silver women's rings that if you combine different designs on the same finger or different sizes you will get a very personal and expressive style.

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Ball ring

Ball ring

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The wide and shiny silver rings with simple designs are the ideal accessories for the different occasions that you can combine with classic and casual attire. The precious stones in the rings create an elegant contrast. A women's ring favors the hand and enhances the more feminine side of the woman. A silver ring is a perfect complement to elegant dresses.

Party rings with diamonds are essential for special occasions. However, women who like fashion also combine them with slippers, jeans and blouses.

Special rings for every occasion

Anala Platería women's rings are perfect jewels like engagement rings. The engagement ring, with its resplendent symbol of eternity, is a perfect jewel to represent trust, affective bond and immortality of love. Women's rings with large zircons or pearls are a timeless classic for marital engagements.

The unique designs of the different ANALA Plateria collections make it easy for you to choose the right ring.

Rings with large and colored stones

These silver rings produce an extravagant, sensual and mysterious effect. The most popular are rings with crosses, seals and skulls. These types of rings for women make a statement of intent and can strengthen their confidence and their rebellious side.